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Is 3 years warranty on Refurbished laptop?

                  Is 3 years warranty on Refurbished laptop?

Yes,This is not a joke ReTechie Provide 3 year warranty on special laptop which is sale of the month.There are term and conditions but 3 year warranty huge warranty scheme which is given by any other of refurbished companies.

Is it offer?

Nope,This scheme will activate all time which is helpful for customer who want refurbished laptop cannot believe on this,because lack of credibility and responsibility but far from this.ReTechie provide huge warranty and service to his customer.

IS Warranty worth it?

Yes,Warranty means believe,ReTechie sell the laptop or other refurbished products but buy believe from customer.You can say that this is the USP of ReTechie.

Lots of electronic product is listed on ReTechie.

ReTechie gives Offers on Refurbished and Used laptops as well as providing more than 1 year warranty and service.

ReTechie Goals :

ReTechie aim to give quality of products it’s customer and customer satisfaction in it’s ultimate goal.In second-hand market customer are often  unable to understand on which seller to rely upon.

But,ReTechie provide best quality of Refurbished products to its customer and ensure the customer they won’t get bother in future related our service.

Middle class and Students are not compatible to buy costly products and prefer to take financing option.But it’s unsustainable job to maintain a regular amount to pay every month.Usually customer pay more than its product worth.Resale value of electronics product are not much high.

Is Refurbished products good or bad to buy?

If you asking this question to me,so i said it is good because one of the main reason that a electronic product not more than 5 year so  why wasting more money because Resale value of new product is half,But if you spend half value to buy refurbished product so you can sell that particular product which is not less than 20% of your refurbished product value.


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