ReTechie Refurbished Flats-Maintenance Free Flats

ReTechie unveils a new module in real estates market that is Refurbished flats.

ReTechie focus on Middle class budget driven a concepts to gift customers who want to buy flats but stuck in its maintenance.

What is ReTechie Refurbished Flats?

Always a new concept fascinate audience who always explore different module in market.Refurbished Flats concept module started by ReTechie that’s there main point is Providing a maintenance Free Flats to Buyers.

Here the meaning of Refurbished is that Customers who buy Flats always gets trapped by regular maintenance of his flats like white washing,Painting,leakage,water problems,electricity problem,plumbing,ac repair, so on.So ReTechie help to sort out this problems if they buy flats from us which is almost same price who other are offering but we give you Free Maintenance 1-10 years,maintenance year depends on various scales.

ReTechie is not broker,we are seller.

Who can Buy?

Anyone who are planning to buy flats in budget.He/she should come to ReTechie and buy Refurbished Flats

Advantage of Buying ReTechie Refurbished Flats is that you perennially feel tension less regarding household daily problem just one call and your problem been solving out in same day or few hours.

Who can list their Flats?

Anyone can list their flats who wants to sell out their property(only Flats).ReTechie inspect their flats to its criteria then refurbished it upto the mark then sell by name of ReTechie Refurbished Flats.

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