About Us

ReTechie Founder "Shivam Shiv"


ReTechie is the leading refurbished laptops selling company. Each of the products that get sold in ReTechie undergoes various kinds of excellent checks and we provide quality guaranteed products. Retechie as a new is a huge platform that lets customers explore unique categories before proceeding toward their final purchase. As we supply quality guaranteed products the customers need to not be worried about the high-quality check and can buy without hassle.

The basics ReTechie deal with imported refurbished laptops in India and across the globe but the customer should single-mindedness why they should focus more on refurbished imported laptops.

In many developed countries like the USA, Canada, and other European counties companies work on the latest configure with advance and quality systems and are directly bought from established computer manufactures like Dell, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lenovo, Apple, and many more for their high-performance work. They distributed each employee as per their work and portfolio and for security reasons so they restrict some limitations on it to curb the overuses.

Most Multinational companies provide docking stations with attached mouses and Keyboards with spare. Employees connected provided laptop with stations and spare keyboard and mouse. Using of a laptop keyboard and touchpad is much lesser without getting any scratches on it. After completion of their project or need, they discard them and begin auctions for their scrap to reselling. Most resellers from North America, UAE, and Asia put their auction bid forward and after getting the whole lot and send it back to India, UAE, and other needy countries.

Quality of imported laptops are best among which is manufacture in China not a bit worthy. Most of new laptops price range below Rs 50000 are available in India are good for nothing.

  • Assurance and Services which are being supplied
  • Our Technical Team undergo 40+ quality check of each solution and then gets them prepared for dispatch.
  • 24/7 logistic support staff who are always busy and are ready to Assist
  • 10 days easy return policy
  • We supply our service around all over India
  • Free pickup and fall along with doorstep service

Entire Transparency in Transaction

The Advantage for the buyers from ReTechie

Since ReTechie is a renowned manufacturer and is known around India, buyers can easily trust us since we’ve formed a fresh name and have already served over 65,0000 clients that are faithful toward Retechie. They get to pick between a huge assortment of goods at a sensible price. All of the products are quality assured and go under multiple testing before it is discharged. We also have different sort of payment options so that the buyer doesn’t face any kind of difficulty when performing transactions.

Retechie is a well known certified Brand famous for its products and services throughout India. We sell refurbished Laptops throughout India that are second hand ( Second-hand Laptop) products. These goods undergo 40+ quality tests so that it gets new and gets into perfect functioning condition.

The products get tested by our Market accredited tech team before assuring them. These goods undergo intense minor changes to make the item work smoothly and make it appear new. The defective components get replaced by new OEM certified parts and then get sealed to get discharged. All the goods are fully assured and are changed as fresh as you can get.

Reason for selling refurbished laptops.

ReTechie is always worried about the clients wants and value of buying new laptops at a lower cost without compromising their quality. Therefore we have formed this point where we now sell refurbished laptops and customers can easily buy their selection of laptops at a far lower price and need not worry about the quality as we know how to take care of customer satisfaction.

What’s Retechie different from OLX, Quikr along with others?

Several variables make ReTechie distinct from any other site selling refurbished Products

Used devices that are sold on Retechie undergoes Quality Checked process by Market accredited Technical Team, unlike OLX & Quikr before dispatching to our respected buyer.


  • ReTechie carries 12 months guarantee for every Laptop that we sell to our clients, unlike OLX & Quikr.
  • ReTechie includes a fully integrated support team to deliver to any place within India, unlike OLX & Quikr.
  • OLX & Quikr are mainly a platform for advertising rather than taking any kind of function in the selling or purchasing process. This doesn’t happen with ReTechie as our principal motive is to sell refurbished Laptops to our customers.
  • ReTechie guarantees complete satisfaction and peace of mind about this item. This is not the case with OLX & Quikr because they have no way of reassuring either the seller or buyer.
  • ReTechie offers 10 days return policy that does not occur with OLX or even Quikr