Certified Refurbished

As per written in ReTechie Website that Certified Refurbished products what does it mean?

ReTechie Technology  ensure to customer that what they buy from ReTechie is one of the best product from the other companies. ReTechie provide A+ quality of products but might be or not might be some scratches or dent (2 out of 10) would be possible in some case and it  not cover in warranty or Replace policies.

Certified Refurbished Products given by ReTechie to its customer visually and Physically checked by a Pre-used products,Imported products,Faulty products,second hand products that yes it will be work fine and accurate.may be or not may be a products has have some scratches on a products but it will not cause of damage.

Classification of Refurbished :

  • Imported products
  • Used Products
  • Old products
  • Faulty products
  • Pre Owned products

All classified product would be quality checked by ReTechie Technology after that it delivered to customers.

2 out of 10 products has been some scratches or dent except this our products always have scratch-less.Customer should not to worry about that because that scratches is not effect any harm to products.Transit of products that could occur.so relax about it.