Comparison ReTechie Warranty Vs Other Companies Seller Warranty
Comparison ReTechie Warranty Vs Other Companies Seller Warranty

Take a Look at how a certified refurbished laptop warranty works in ReTechie vs. other seller warranty.

What does it mean seller warranty before purchase a refurbished/renewed laptop from any other website?


                                                   Warranty Comparison

1.    Warranty Duration 

ReTechie Warranty : ReTechie Providing 2 years on entire laptop include battery,

Others  Seller Warranty : They Providing comprehensive warranty( Its means many major part not cover under warranty so check this term Comprehensive Warranty 6 months or 1 year


2.  How warranty Works :

ReTechie Warranty :  ReTechie offering Onsite warranty any part of India. customer need not go anywhere or spend any amount to send laptop us.

For minor issue – we assign the technician who visit the customer office or home to resolve the issue.

For major issue – we will pickup the laptop from your home/office and return the laptop after proper service. We have not take any courier charges under warranty.

Other Sellers/Website Warranty : First customer has to find who is the seller after that he has to tell the issue in each platform mail, website, call or whatsaap third parties website can’t help them like Amazon, Flipkart.

Then after they anyhow contact them they need to send by courier to seller and seller can’t bear the courier charges ,customer has to spend courier charges which would be approx 500-1000 in each round.

If any major part would be the issue seller will deny to beware and check before purchase must read warranty policies and how they will work.



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  1. Experience peace of mind with ReTechie’s comprehensive 2-year warranty, providing hassle-free onsite service across India, setting a new standard in refurbished laptop warranties.

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